Erika Alaura 

Erika is a Healer + Intuitive Channel  

Providing channeled healing to release subconscious soul-based programs so you can be a match to the life you crave and deeply desire.

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My method of working with each person is deep and personalized. Consistently encouraging and supporting your evolution is the soul motivation behind my work


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Nice to meet you!
Hi! I'm Erika!  

My gifts can help guide you to a powerful sense of clarity and wellbeing. By removing blocks or past trauma you will feel lighter, more connected, and have a greater sense of ease.

Trained and accredited in Psychic Channeling, Spiritual Response Therapy, Past Life Clearing, and ThetaHealing®.

Also a Certified Angel Intuitive through Doreen Virtue, a Practitioner and Certified Consultant of Spiritual Response Therapy and a Certified ThetaHealing™ Practitioner and Instructor.

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Heal + Evolve

You're Not Broken

The anxiety, depression, or extreme stress you are experiencing may not even be yours! 

We all hold programs and patterns from our soul records, ancestral lineage, and collective experience that can act as road blocks.

I can help you transform these patterns into higher understanding realigning you with your most authentic and empowered self.


Listen to Margot's experience!

Margot Miller is a marriage & family therapist, healer, Kundalini Yoga instructor and is also known on social media as “America’s Spirit Animal,” after her wild dance moves went viral in 2019 with over 30 million collective views.


Listen to Stefanos' experience!

Stefanos Sifandos is a relationship coach and is the co-founder of Elementum Coaching, We Are Āśraya and MPOWERED Brotherhood. 

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The Womb Membership is a special experience.

Close to my heart... a membership-based community igniting one heart at a time.

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Do You feel unclear about what's next?

Does it feel as if something is missing in your life?

Are you ready to receive the support and healing you long for? To feel safe enough to explore, to release old blocks and trauma, and allow doubt to drop away? Are you ready to step up and meet your true self with clarity, love and acceptance?

Consider a 6 Month VIP Partnership

  • Awaken to your personal guidance and angelic support
  • Learn to work with your personal energetic field
  • Begin to notice how symbolic imagery can help you recognize and awaken to the support you already have
  • Discover that the life you desire is already yours
  • Learn to see with a whole new vision and perception

Over six months we will work together in a kind of Energy Therapy to bring balance and healing back to your life. Reawaken to your empowerment, confidence, and clarity.

This alignment already belongs to you.

You are your own healer, I would be honored to facilitate. 

For just a moment, let all resistance go. Release the reasons, fears and objections, and imagine how it would feel to say, YES to six months of personalized support.

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This alignment already belongs to you.

YOU are the healer.

YOU do the healing.

I do the facilitating.

Are you ready for 6 months of personalized support? 

Yes I'm Ready!

 Christine Hassler, Best Selling Author & Master Coach 


 Working with Erika has been an amazing blessing. She radiates love and shares wisdom that is both insightful and transformational. After each clearing session that I’ve had with Erika, I feel immediate shifts and clarity. As someone who counsels/coaches others, my work with Erika is essential to my own growth as well as my continued ability to serve others.